Computer Science Fundamentals 

In Partnership with, we are providing comprehensive professional learning for educators to implement Computer Science Fundamentals to elementary educators. 

High-quality workshops facilitated by an experienced computer science educator.  the workshop provides an introduction to computer science, pedagogy, classroom strategies and online management.  For more information and to locate a workshop near you, visit


Computer Science Standards Adoption in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Education along with 45 individuals representing over 35 stakeholder groups have met and developed K-12 computer science standards for Michigan.   During the process, the committee agreed upon to utilize the K-12 Computer Science Framework and use the CSTA Computer Science Standards. 

The standards are unique in that they are framed using a grade band approach and are for all students through grade 10 (levels 1A, 1B, 2, 3A). Level 3B includes standards intended for enhanced study for students interested in CS related careers or college degree programs. The CS standards will be delivered in a way compatible and consistent with current school delivery models (integrated with other content areas, stand-alone courses, or as grade band offerings). The standards will not be assessed using current state summative assessments. You may access a copy of the standards here